Resolving Conflicts Outside Of The Courtroom

While cases start at the Courthouse not all finish with a decision from a Judge or Jury. Through Mediation, allow Jason Allen Shepelrich to facilitate a discussion of resolution between the parties prior to a final hearing/trial or through Arbitration to render a binding or non-binding arbitration award providing finality or certain insight as to the strengths or weaknesses of your case.

Family Law/Circuit Civil Mediation



Mediation is a voluntary and confidential proceeding where parties to a lawsuit or family law matter meet to discuss and explore possible options of resolution before turning the case over to a Jury or Judge for final decision. Mediation provides the parties the ability to determine their own outcome and work together to reach a negotiated result. The mediator will not render a final decision but instead will assist in identifying the legal, practical and financial issues of the case, and assist the parties in identifying their goals in order to determine a resolution without further Court intervention.

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While a Mediator does not render a decision, an Arbitrator renders an arbitration award after a hearing (with less formalities than Court) where evidence is presented and legal arguments are made. After the hearing, the parties may submit additional materials for the Arbitrator to review. In a non-binding arbitration hearing, an award is entered and the parties may elect to accept the award or move for a trial de novo where the case will be decided by a Judge or Jury. Arbitration hearings may also be binding, where the award is final.

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Jason Allen Shepelrich is a Florida native who was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1998. Jason has and continues to litigate a wide range of cases including real estate, contracts, business, insurance claims, construction, personal injury/wrongful death and family law matters. After 14 years of Statewide practice, Jason returned to Naples in 2012 to continue his practice where he has added alternative dispute resolution to his legal services.

Jason Allen Shepelrich

Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator (Circuit Civil / Family) & Qualified Arbitrator.

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